I have 10 years of experience working for Massachusetts public schools as a certified, highly qualified teacher.  I have taught kindergarten, first, second, and third grade students in reading, writing, and math.  I strive to help children reach their full academic potential through individualized instruction.  I have helped many students that are behind academically to achieve grade level to above grade level expectations in multiple subject areas.  In addition to being a certified teacher, I have a Master's degree in Education through American International College and am CORI certified.  I'm a traveling, private tutor and will come to you for sessions! In addition to individualized instruction, I can support with remote learning, homework, and home school as well.  I offer year round tutoring with sessions during the summer and academic year. I live in the Cape Cod area, and service many towns in the southeast region of Massachusetts and surrounding areas.  I would love to help your child succeed in academics!

Mrs. Jamie Leahy, M.Ed.

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, and not for men.” Colossians 3:23


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What subject areas and grade levels are offered for tutoring?

Preschool: reading, writing, and math

Kindergarten: reading, writing, and math

1st grade: reading, writing, and math

2nd grade: reading, writing, and math                 

3rd grade: reading, writing, and math

What will tutoring sessions be like?

Children will be assessed during the first few tutoring sessions to determine their specific academic needs.  Individualized instruction will then be provided in order for effective progress to be made.   Assessments will be shared with parents/guardians and parents will also receive a tutoring report card every few months which will show their child's progress!  Mrs. Leahy's individualized instruction is compiled of research based methods, matches the state standards, and will therefore match the academic expectations of your child's school.  All teaching materials are supplied by Mrs. Leahy.  Children will also get to use special art supplies and play academic games during a portion of their sessions to help make learning fun!  Lessons are engaging,  children will be motivated to learn, and they will become invested in their progress as they become successful with academics.

Where will tutoring sessions take place?

The tutoring sessions will take place in the child’s home.  

The towns in Massachusetts that are serviced include but are not limited to:

  • Acushnet

  • Berkley

  • Bourne

  • Bridgewater

  • Buzzards Bay

  • Carver

  • Dartmouth

  • Fairhaven

  • Freetown

  • Halifax

  • Lakeville

  • Kingston

  • Middleboro

  • Marion

  • Mattapoisett

  • New Bedford

  • Plymouth

  • Plympton

  • Rochester

  • Sagamore

  • Sandwich

  • Taunton

  • Wareham

  • Westport


Other locations will also be considered; so please ask if tutoring is available in your town!

When are tutoring sessions available?

All slots are full at this time.  Please reach out if you would like your child to be placed on a wait-list. The most effective progress is made when the most time is invested! Therefore it is recommended that children participate in a minimum of 2 hours of tutoring per week, but 3 to 6+ hours may be ideal depending on the goals you have for your child and their specific academic needs.   Times for tutoring are slotted on a first come, first served basis.  Tutoring sessions will not take place on any inclement weather days.  Sessions are available during some school vacation weeks and holidays.  

Why is tutoring important?

1. When a child participates in tutoring it:

  • provides them with support in academic areas that they are struggling in

  • builds their confidence as they become successful in those areas

  • ensures they have a strong foundation in elementary education which is crucial for their future studies

  • helps to prepare them for the next grade level

  • prevents academic regression of previously learned skills over the summer months and other school breaks

  • and helps to close any academic gaps in reading, writing, and math.

2. Tutoring helps younger children start kindergarten ahead of the curve academically.

3. Tutoring greatly benefits children on Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) that have disabilities (i.e., attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism, developmental delay, dyslexia, communication disability, intellectual disability) which effect their progress with the general school curriculum.  Mrs. Leahy is an extremely experienced and certified special education teacher, and can help your child succeed. 

4. Tutoring allows parents to be directly involved with their child's education.  Mrs. Leahy will guide you with how to help your child academically.  Parents are welcome to sit in on tutoring sessions, ask questions, and/or check in whenever they like.

5. For parents who home school their children, Mrs. Leahy's Private Elementary Tutoring is a great way to supply a full curriculum in the subject areas of reading, writing, and math from preschool to 3rd grade. 

How much does it cost?

The cost is $100 dollars per hour.  This provides your child with completely individualized instruction and 1 on 1 attention in your own home.  It is an investment that will ensure your child's success with elementary education.  You can pay on a weekly or bi-weekly basis through cash, check, or Venmo, and you may stop tutoring services at any time.

How do you sign your child up?

Please call or text 508-367-1811, or send an email to mrsleahyselementarytutoring@yahoo.com to set up times for tutoring or for any questions you may have!

What about cancellations?

You will not be charged if you need to cancel your child's tutoring session.  If the tutoring session needs to be cancelled by Mrs. Leahy, then as much notice as possible will be given.

What other support is offered?

In addition to tutoring services, Mrs. Leahy is also available help you navigate the school system in order to obtain the specific help that your child needs academically.   Mrs. Leahy is available to answer any questions you may have.

At your request, Mrs. Leahy can support your child with their homework, provide purposeful, individualized homework in between sessions, and support your child with any other school assignments as well, including remote learning.

Mrs. Leahy can also help you find home school curriculum resources such as for the subjects of science and social studies and can suggest fun, educational field trips for you to take with your child.  Mrs. Leahy can help you to navigate school districts' policies regarding home-schooling and can also make a portfolio assessment to show your child's progress.  


"Mrs. Leahy is an exceptional tutor who helped my child overcome a learning disability that was causing him to fall behind his peers.  After only 6 months he made so much progress he advanced reading levels from 1st to 3rd grade and is starting 4th grade on track!  She also helped him improve in writing, spelling and mathematics.  She was always professional and focused on my child as an individual with unique skills and goals.  She made learning and challenging skills fun.  She provided me with detailed updates on his progress as well as goals for him to reach future milestones.  She was an immense support to me as well, as a parent, navigating this new challenge with my son.  Her tutoring services were so convenient and flexible, it made fitting them in over a busy summer schedule very doable.  I am so appreciative of all she has done for my son!"

"Mrs. Leahy is amazing.  My daughter was very hesitant to start tutoring but Mrs. Leahy was able to quickly establish rapport with her.  Mrs. Leahy has been a real confidence builder for my daughter, always encouraging her and always able to get her to try her best.  She is very good understanding children’s strengths and weaknesses, building on their strengths to raise confidence, and giving strategies and tools to help them overcome their weaknesses.  Under Mrs. Leahy’s tutelage, my daughter was able to advance reading levels from beginning Kindergarten to beginning first grade in the span of 3-4 months.  Mrs. Leahy is not just a tutor, she is an advocate for my daughter.  Shortly after we began tutoring, my daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia.  Mrs. Leahy was really critical to helping us understand how to navigate the process of obtaining an IEP.  She provided the data needed to present to the IEP team to secure the services.  She has provided us information on our rights as parents to push for certain services, and given us guidance on how to approach the whole process.   I highly recommend Mrs. Leahy without any reservations.  She will have your child’s best interest at heart and she will work with you and your child to ensure your child is able to reach his or her full learning potential."

"Mrs. Leahy has been a great tutor for our daughter. She is reliable, flexible for scheduling sessions and provides feedback and resources to us to help. She has been tutoring my daughter for over a year and we have seen great improvement for her knowledge and confidence."

"Mrs. Leahy is an extremely qualified and experienced teacher who has worked with our second grade daughter for over a year. Our daughter has special education needs and Mrs. Leahy has helped her achieve 1 year’s worth of math growth in 4 months! We are very pleased with Mrs. Leahy’s outcomes-oriented and child-centered approach."

"Mrs. Leahy has changed our lives! She has taken my 7 year old (with a few learning disabilities) that only knew his kindergarten sights words, to reading at a 2nd grade level in less then 4 months! Her approach is outstanding, and her homework and reading advice has been amazing. This has changed our lives. Best money I have every spent was on her for my son."

"Mrs. Leahy is an experienced elementary school teacher who follows a precise goal-oriented agenda to strengthen foundational skills: she is extremely thorough and methodical, carefully tracking progress made while identifying any remaining gaps.  We are impressed by the excellent rapport she has been able to establish with our son: she is clearly extremely good at engaging young children and understanding what they respond to."

"Mrs. Leahy has been just what we needed this year! Especially with school not being fully in person, my son had quite a bit of catching up to do. She really has gone the extra mile, and is so patient. She’s not only helped to improve his academic progress, but also has really given him the strategies to help him cope with ADHD. We are so grateful to have found Mrs. Leahy!"

"Mrs. Leahy is an excellent tutor, she makes learning fun, and exciting. She completely changed my 6 year old son’s attitude toward the learning experience. She comes prepared with an individualized lesson for each session. Her professionalism, experience, and approach make him want to engage and participate. I have seen great improvements within months of her working with my son and continue to see progress both academically and his confidence, which displays in his school work. Mrs. Leahy completed her own thorough assessment to determine my child’s level, and educational needs, at the beginning of the year, and halfway through the school year again, so I could see his progress. It is amazing to see my son, who was having difficulty in kindergarten, is now able to write letters, read, and do math. I am very grateful that I decided to take a leap of faith, make a switch in tutors, and came across Mrs. Leahy. He looks forward to the days that she comes for tutoring."


"Mrs. Leahy has been an amazing tutor and the growth observed is impressive.  She tailors lessons and homework to their skill levels.  Learning is fun and exciting with Mrs. Leahy. My son has begged to keep working with her over the summer!"

"Mrs. Leahy is professional and fun! I would definitely recommend her! She has been with us for over a year."


"Mrs. Leahy gives her best! She taught me when I was in 3rd grade. She knows what to do! Everything is so easy now in 4th grade, because it is all about what I learned in 3rd grade. Now my life is simple." 

"Mrs. Leahy is the best tutor in the whole world!  She teaches me things like math equations, grammar, phonics, and writing.  We do a lot of fun stuff together, like using Play-doh kits and painting.  I also have a sticker chart for tutoring.  I earn stickers when I get answers right and for having good behavior!"

"I used to be in 1st grade and I had so much trouble with my schoolwork.  Then my parents called Mrs. Leahy.  Mrs. Leahy is a wonderful tutor.  2nd grade felt like nothing with her help. Plus, she brings crafts so you get to learn new things in fun ways!"